My customer promises:

1. I will be be punctual and professional in the services I provide

2. None of my customers will be deprived of their implied rights regarding the

description and quality of the goods sold and/or services provided.

3. All my customers will be treated in a non-discriminatory way and I will comply at all times with the provisions and ethos of the Equality Act 2010.

4. I will treat customers equally and in a polite and courteous manner, regardless of their age, disability, HIV status, marital or civil partnership status, maternity or pregnancy, race, religion, sex, sexuality, sexual orientation, national origin or ethnicity.

5. I will discuss any particular customer requirements before any transaction takes place.

6. I will not seek to take advantage of vulnerable customers and, where necessary and reasonably practicable, will offer additional assistance to ensure that all aspects of the transaction are fully understood.

7. For transactions in clients' homes, I will show identification and introduce myself to my customers.

8. Before any goods or services are provided I will make acceptable arrangements with the customer for example, for the use of gas, electricity and water, waste removal, health and safety and home security.

9. I will provide clear and accurate information on key contract terms. Depending upon the nature and size of the contract, this will normally be in the form of a written quotation.

10. I will ensure completion/delivery dates are as flexible as possible to accommodate customers' needs and will agree these in advance. Where delays prove unavoidable, I will give as much notice as possible - in writing, if required.

11. Where appropriate, I will provide clear and accurate information on

cancellation rights, including any additional rights offered.

12. All terms of the contract for any repairs and servicing work should be clear and precise. If any additional work is subsequently needed the customer will be notified and their permission obtained before any extra work is carried out.

13. All repairs and services will be provided with reasonable skill and care, for a

reasonable charge and, unless specifically agreed with the customer, within a

reasonable time.

14. I will ensure that my invoices are clear and show exact details of work carried out and any parts and materials charged for.

15. I will comply with the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999.

16. I will co-operate fully with any appropriate intermediary consulted

by a customer, e.g. Citizens Advice Bureau, family member, law centre.












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